Adolescents' Perceptions of Transition Importance, Readiness, and Likelihood of Future Success: The Role of Anticipatory Guidance

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Expert consensus supports anticipatory guidance around health care transition (HCT), but little is known about its impact on adolescents' perceptions of HCT. This study aimed to evaluate the frequency of HCT anticipatory guidance delivery and the effect it had on participants' perceptions of HCT. Adolescents (n = 209) with special health care needs were administered National Survey for Children with Special Health Care Needs transition assessment questions, then reported perceptions of transition importance, readiness, and likely future success. Over half of the participants reported no history of discussion about transition to an adult provider (64%) or insurance needs (67%); just under half (43%) had not discussed their changing health care needs. In participants reporting receipt of anticipatory guidance, ratings of transition readiness and future success were significantly higher than those who received no anticipatory guidance, supporting that HCT anticipatory guidance has a significantly positive impact on adolescents' perceptions of the HCT process.

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