To Finish the Cut or Not: Should Neonatal Circumcisions Be Completed or Aborted in Patients With Unrecognized Glanular Hypospadias?

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We retrospectively evaluated the management of patients with unrecognized glanular hypospadias and a completed (group 1) or aborted (group 2) neonatal circumcision. The rate and type of subsequent surgeries performed were analyzed. Penile curvature, urinary stream deviation, and their impact on management were evaluated. Surgery was done in 55% of patients—40% of group 1 and 86% of group 2. Completion of the circumcision was done in 63% of group 2. Hypospadias repair was performed in 56% of group 1 and in 34% of group 2. Penile curvature rate did not affect the rate or type of surgery performed. Urinary stream deviation did not affect the rate of repair, but was a significant factor leading to hypospadias repair. We concluded that providers performing neonatal circumcisions do not have to abort the procedure when a glanular hypospadias is noticed. Most patients will require circumcision completion only.

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