Feed and Wrap MRI Technique in Infants

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The feed and wrap technique refers to the use of feeding and swaddling to induce natural sleep in infants. It can be used prior to an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, avoiding sedation or anesthesia. We performed a retrospective review of feed and wrap MRI scans in infants 3 months or younger over a 2-year period at our center (279 scans) to evaluate the efficacy of this technique. Of scan results reviewed, 79% addressed the clinical question, 20% partially addressed the clinical question, and 1% were technically inadequate. History of preterm birth (odds ratio [OR] = 2.368; P = .032) and spine MRI (OR = 2.821; P = .001) were associated with a less-successful scan outcome. The feed and wrap technique can be used successfully in infants undergoing MRI; however, it may be less successful in preterm infants and those requiring spinal MRI. A standardized technique performed by experienced personnel may avoid anesthesia and sedation in infants who require MRI.

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