Underutilization of Preventive Asthma Visits Among Urban Children With Persistent Asthma

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National guidelines recommend that children with persistent asthma have at least 2 preventive asthma visits (PAVs) per year. We sought to determine the percent of urban children with persistent asthma who had a PAV in the past year, and to identify differences in demographics, health-related variables, and management associated with PAVs. Using data from 530 children (3-10 years) participating in a school-based asthma trial, we found that only 25% of children had at least 1 PAV, with only 5% receiving ≥2 visits. Having a PAV was not associated with demographics or health-related variables. Importantly, having a PAV was associated with having a preventive medication, taking that medication daily, and having a medication adjustment. Although PAVs were associated with actions to improve asthma control and management, these visits were underutilized in this sample. This highlights the need for novel methods to ensure access and deliver care to this vulnerable pediatric population.

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