The Collocation of Ischemia-Modified Albumin and Blood Gas Parameters in the PICU Setting

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Ischemia modified albumin (IMA) is a marker that has been determined to be elevated in hypoxic conditions. This study aimed to investigate the relationships between serum IMA and blood gas parameters (BGPs) and evaluate whether IMA can be used as a parameter clinically in terms of reflecting tissue hypoxia in ventilator management. BGPs and serum IMA level were measured in blood samples drawn simultaneously from patients. Mean serum IMA levels, mean pCO2, mean pO2, and lactate levels were 82.56 ± 25.47 ng/mL, 47.99 ± 22.81 mm Hg, 53.62 ± 30.43 mm Hg, and 2.13 ± 3.22 mmol/L, respectively. No correlation was found between serum IMA level and BGPs. Our findings showed that serum IMA level can be concluded not to be a suitable parameter in ventilator management. However, IMA can be a reliable guide if used together with venous BGPs in terms of the estimating of tissue oxygenation, especially within the last few hours.

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