Experiences of Inner-City Fathers of Children With Chronic Illness

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We aim to explore the experiences of fathers from inner-city families caring for children affected by chronic health conditions or disabilities. A systematic scoping review was conducted using the Arskey and O’Malley framework. Fourteen of the 5114 articles were included in the full review and were qualitatively evaluated in terms of stressors, resources, perception, coping, and adaptation according to the Double ABCX model. Stressors included financial strain and health care access barriers. Resources ranging from immediate to extended family members depended on ethnicity. Fathers’ perceptions of their primary caregiver roles depended on ethnicity in the context of cultural gender norms. While inner-city fathers desired information about their children’s health, some were uncomfortable asking physicians. They had a higher risk for coping difficulties and maladaptation, including depression. We highlight a need for pediatricians to advocate for additional resources to provide comprehensive care for inner-city fathers caring for their children with chronic health conditions or disabilities.

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