Clinical and Psychosocial Factors Associated With Patient Experience in Pediatrics

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Objective. To identify clinical and psychosocial factors associated with patient experience with care. Methods. We analyzed patient experience surveys, corresponding clinical and psychosocial the data of 1567 encounters using survey-weighted multivariate logistic regression analysis with willingness to recommend the facility as outcome variable. Results. Parents are less likely to recommend the facility if there were custody issues with the child during their stay, if the child has history of chronic medical condition, and if the child is male with odds ratio and corresponding 95% confidence interval of 0.38 [0.21, 0.69], 0.43 [0.24, 0.80], and 0.67 [0.45, 0.99] respectively. Parents of older patients (1-year difference) and parents of low socioeconomic status are more likely to recommend the facility (1.05 [1.01, 1.09] and 2.74 [1.72, 4.37] respectively). Conclusions. Clinical and psychosocial factors significantly affect patient experience scores together with parent perception of provider-family communication and relationship, and hospital environment conducive for children.

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