The effect of exercise of the affected foot in stroke patients a randomized controlled pilot trial

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To evaluate the effect of treatment with a portable device called Stimulo on range of motion, muscle strength and spasticity in the ankle joint and its effect on walking ability, balance, activities of daily living (ADL) and health-related quality of life in stroke patients.


A randomized controlled pilot study.


A research centre.


Ambulatory or partly ambulatory chronic stroke patients with remaining spasticity and/or decreased range of motion in the hemiparetic leg/ankle.


Standardized and individualized programme including active and passive range of motion of the ankle with a portable device (Stimulo), performed three times a week for 30 min, over a six-week period.

Main measures

Range of motion, muscle strength, spasticity, gait variables, balance, ADL and health-related quality of life.


Eighteen subjects were included in the study with a mean age of 75 years. The compliance rate was 94–99%. There were no significant differences between the groups.


The study showed no significant effect of an ankle-exercise intervention programme with Stimulo. Further studies with a larger sample size are of importance before any further conclusions can be drawn.

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