One year follow up of a randomized trial comparing Ligasure™ with open haemorrhoidectomy

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Ligasure™ haemorrhoidectomy is an effective treatment for prolapsing haemorrhoids, however, concerns exist regarding potential damage to the anal sphincters.


Patients previously included into a randomized trial comparing open and Ligasure™ haemorrhoidectomy were contacted by postal questionnaire to evaluate their overall satisfaction and continence at 12 months post operatively.


Thirteen patients who underwent open and 17 who underwent Ligasure™ haemorrhoidectomy were evaluated. Three patients from the open group and 2 from the Ligasure™ group were unhappy with the result (P = 0.37) and minor incontinence was reported in 5 Ligasure™ and 2 open patients (P = 0.42).


Patient satisfaction and post operative continence scores at 1 year post operatively are comparable for open and Ligasure™ haemorrhoidectomy.

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