Restorative proctectomy after emergency laparoscopic colectomy for ulcerative colitis: a case-matched study

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ObjectiveThe aim of the study was to evaluate feasibility and safety of restorative proctectomy with ileal pouch anal anastomosis (IPAA) through a Pfannenstiel incision after prior laparoscopic colectomy.MethodsSeventeen patients who underwent restorative proctectomy after laparoscopic emergency colectomy for ulcerative colitis (UC) were prospectively evaluated. Results were compared with results of a group of 21 case matched patients that had restorative proctectomy and IPAA via a midline incision in the same period.ResultsMedian operation time was longer, although not significantly, in patients who had a restorative proctectomy through a pfannenstiel (186 min) compared to a restorative proctectomy through a midline incision (158 min). Procedure related complications were comparable between the groups, respectively, 1 of 17 patients in the pfannenstiel group and 3 of 21 patients in the median laparotomy group. Median hospital stay in the pfannenstiel group was 10 days and in the midline group 12 days.ConclusionsAfter laparoscopic assisted emergency colectomy for ulcerative colitis, restorative proctectomy is feasible and can be performed safely through a Pfannenstiel incision.

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