Pregnancy in sensitized kidney transplant recipients: a single-center experience

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We aimed to examine the clinical outcomes of sensitized pregnant kidney transplant recipients.


A retrospective cohort study of female patients who received kidney transplant at Montefiore transplant center between June 1, 2009 through December 31, 2014 and had a documented pregnancy in our system.


We found that 11 women had pregnancies during this period with a median age of 36 yr (range 22, 39). Pregnancies occurred at a median of 3.1 yr (1.1, 8.7) after transplantation. Pre-pregnancy patients' median serum creatinine levels and spot urine protein/creatinine ratio were 1.1 mg/dL (1.1, 2.1) and 0.55 g/d (0, 1.2), respectively. Eight patients were sensitized with panel reactive antibody (PRA) levels > 0% and three had PRA of 0%. The sensitized group had a higher incidence of adverse pregnancy outcomes; one stillbirth and two second trimester miscarriage. During a median follow-up of 2.3 yr (1.2, 4) after delivery, three high PRA patients (37%) developed antibody-mediated rejection that led to graft loss.


We observed an increased risk of rejection, graft loss, and adverse pregnancy outcomes in sensitized kidney recipients.

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