Total inflammation in early protocol kidney graft biopsies does not predict progression of fibrosis at one year post-transplant

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There is an uncertainty whether total inflammation in early protocol kidney graft biopsies is associated with fibrosis progression. We investigated whether total inflammation, both in fibrotic and non-fibrotic areas, at week 6 would predict fibrosis progression at one yr post-transplant.


We included 156 single adult ABO compatible kidney recipients with adequate week 6 and one yr transplant protocol biopsies (312 biopsies). Biopsies were scored according to the current Banff criteria. In addition, fibrosis and inflammation in fibrotic and non-fibrotic areas were scored in a 10-grade semi-quantitative eyeballing system from 0% to 100%.


Fibrosis increased significantly from week 6 to one yr both by the 10-grade scoring system from 0.69 ± 1.07 to 1.45 ± 1.86, (mean ± SD), p < 0.001 and by Banff interstitial fibrosis (ci) scoring 0.81 ± 0.65 to 1.13 ± 0.87, p < 0.001. The 10-grade scoring system detected a larger proportion of fibrosis progressors than the Banff scoring 40.4% vs. 35.5%, p < 0.001. No significant positive association was found between inflammation at week 6 and progression of fibrosis in either of the scoring systems.


Total inflammation in kidney transplant biopsies at week 6 did not predict progression of fibrosis at one yr post-transplant.

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