Reactivity of the Unsaturated Triosmium Cluster [Os3(CO)8{Ph2PCH2P(Ph)C6H4}(μ-H)] with Thiols
Iridium Cluster Chemistry
Reactions of the Cluster Anion [HRu3(CO)11)]− with Dicyclohexylphosphine
Tetraplatinum Cluster Complexes1
Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Crystal Structure of the [Ni36Pt4(CO)45]6− and [Ni37Pt4(CO)46]6− Hexaanions1
Synthesis, Chemical Characterization, and Molecular Structure of Au8{Fe(CO)4}4(dppe)2 and Au6Cu2{Fe(CO)4}4(dppe)2 1
Pentaruthenium-Based Borides Stabilized by Gold(I) Phosphine Units
The Reaction of Alkenes with Triangulo-Clusters [Pt3(μ-CO)3(PR3)3],
Surface Mediated Organometallic Synthesis
Iron-Iridium Mixed-Metal Carbonyl Clusters
The Coordination and Transformation of Arene Rings by Transition Metal Carbonyl Cluster Complexes
Application of the Spherical Harmonic Model to the ν(CO) Vibrational Spectra of Some Fe(CO)4 and M(CO)5 (M=Cr, W) Transition Metal Cluster Carbonyl Species
Mixed Ruthenium–Iridium Carbonyl Cluster Complexes. Synthesis of the Anions [Ru3Ir2(CO)14]2− and [Ru3Ir2(CO)14H]− and Crystal Structures of Their [tetraphenylphosphonium]+ Salts
Ruthenium Cluster Chemistry with Ph2PC6H4-4-C≡CH1
Hydrido-Carbonyl Rhenium Clusters with a Square Geometry of the Metal Core. Synthesis and X-Ray Characterization of the Novel [Re4(μ-H)3(CO)16]− Anion
Synthesis of Platinum-Triruthenium Clusters Using the Zero-Valent Platinum Reagent Pt(nb)3
Easy Access to Phosphido-Selenido Clusters. Reaction of [Ru3(CO)12] with Ph2(pyth)PSe {pyth=5-(2-Pyridyl)-2-Thienyl} and Crystal Structure of [Ru3(μ3-Se)(μ-PPh2)(μ-pyth)(CO)6{P(pyth)Ph2}]1
Laser Desorption Ionization Versus Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Neutron Diffraction Analysis of H3Co2[C5H2(t-Bu)3]2, a Molecule with a Triply Hydrogen-Bridged Metal–Metal Bond
A New Polymorph of the Heteronuclear Cluster Ru4Pt2(CO)18 1
New Mixed Metal Cluster Complexes Containing Platinum. The Synthesis and Structural Characterizations of PtFe4(CO)12(COD)(μ5-C) and PtFe4(CO)12(PMe2Ph)2(μ5-C)1
First-Known High-Nuclearity Copper–Nickel Carbonyl Cluster
1- and 2-D NMR Studies on [Rh6C(CO)14(PPH3)]2− 1
Synthesis and Structure of a Neutral Trimetallic Biicosahedral Cluster, (PH3P)10Au11Ag12Pt2Cl7. A Comparative Study of Molecular and Crystal Structures of Vertex-Sharing Biicosahedral Mixed-Metal Nanoclusters1