Experience at the Arctic Bay Nursing Station on the coast of Baffin Island

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SettingThe action takes place at Arctic Bay Nursing Station, a 2-nurse station 750 km north of the Arctic Circle on the north coast of Baffin Island. Town of 650. Mid-November. Sun rises 10 am, sets 2:45 pm, approximately.CastJOE, as visiting doctor, up from Iqaluit for a week-long clinicTRACY, as pediatric resident extraordinaireTHE KID, as cause of all the troubleTHE EXTENDED FAMILY, as a big part of his support, at the bedside almost continuouslyGAIL, as nurse in charge and Mom to allJOANNE, as the courageous nurseMYRNA, as the relief nurse, always smilingRAY, as transport paramedic and toubleshooting kingSTEVE, as the pilot willing to do anything to get The Kid outTHE OTHER PILOT, as the other pilotDR. REID, the voice of calm at the other end of the phoneTHE FLOOR-LAYING TEAM, as themselves

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