Sex, Gender and Harassment
Letter to My Patient
Who Should Practise? Where?
How Old Is Old?
To Warn or Not to Warn
Fixing Health Care Systems
Fixing Health Care Systems
Tobacco Tax Controversy
Canadian Forces Physician Assistants
Taking Kids to the Doctor
Taking Kids to the Doctor
Too Many Prescriptions?
Testing Penicillin Allergy
Testing Penicillin Allergy
Hemodialysis in Canada
Writing Papers and Changing Minds
Cost-Effectiveness of Enoxaparin Versus Warfarin Prophylaxis Against Deep-Vein Thrombosis After Total Hip Replacement
Measles Outbreak in 31 Schools
Dialysis Utilization in the Toronto Region From 1981 to 1992
Temporal Trends in Breast Cancer Surgery in Ontario
Genome Projects
Antismoking Coalition Wins Intervenor Status
Ontario to Train Nurse Practitioners
Guide Helps FPs Treat Patients With HIV Disease
The Cigarette Economy
Dalhousie Medical School's Artist-in-Residence Uses Unique Methods to Interpret Brain's Mysteries
Canada's Community Pharmacists Feel Threatened From Several Directions
The Plan to Prevent Harassment and Discrimination in Ontario Universities
RRSPs Dominated Winter Agenda at CMA
Group of Alberta Physicians Calls for Major Hikes in Patients' Medicare Bills
Medical Researchers Strut Their Stuff at Atlantic Canada's First Pharmaceutical Showcase
Toronto Hospital a Real-Life Experiment in Dealing With Health Care's New Fiscal Realities
Identifying Risk Factors for Disease No Guarantee Patients Will Modify Behaviour, Conference Told
Need for Physician-Resource Plan Attracts Major Medical Groups to CMA-Sponsored Workshop