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Costs and benefits of screening pregnant women for HIV
Ban relative results? Absolutely!
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How prevalent is chlamydial infection?
How prevalent is chlamydial infection? Two of the authors respond
CMA takes distance from debate
CMA takes distance from debate
Drawing comparisons and conclusions between Canadian and US malpractice insurance
Drawing comparisons and conclusions between Canadian and US malpractice insurance
Pharmacists can aid in improving prescribing
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Medical care during the Riel rebellion
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More on Riel rebellion medical corps
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Recommendations for reducing the effect of grain dust on the lungs
Outbreak of measles in a highly vaccinated secondary school population
Fatal asphyxiations in children involving drawstrings on clothing
Elimination of measles in the Americas
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Childhood injury prevention
Bioethics for clinicians
Annals of conflicting results
Dr. Freud
Taking Charge of ADHD
An End to Panic
Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
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Acyclovir-steroid therapy for infectious mononucleosis
Lazabemide for early Parkinson disease
Initial antidepressant choice in primary care
Urinary tract infection in sexually active women
Zinc lozenges for the common cold
Antibiotic treatment of acute sinusitis
Side effects of flu vaccine
Physicians who keep lax records put careers in danger, college course warns
National Forum on Health expects action on its soon-to-be-released report
Debate about placebos points to issue surrounded by many shades of grey
BCMA becomes first Canadian medical group to form Committee on Violence
Sensitive and controversial ethical issues subject of groundbreaking Toronto exhibit
NHS reforms reduce length of waiting lists but create widespread unease
Should prisons ease drug prohibition to help reduce disease spread?
Global immunization