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MD's murder linked to disability forms
Ottawa students mark "5 wonderful years" in Malawi
To breed or not to breed? Health Canada faces a monkey dilemma
Women reminded of heart disease's heavy toll
Queen's researcher honoured for breakthroughs in cardiology
Liposuction making inroads
Potential savings through drugs?
BSE and Britain's CJD outbreak
Wake-up call issued about drowsy truck drivers
In the news ... From the people who brought you Dolly, it's Polly
Amphetamines for children
Universal syringe registration?
Unlike any other procedure
Methadone maintenance
Helicobacter pylori
Helicobacter pylori
Helicobacter pylori
Needle exchange programs
Needle exchange programs
Safe havens for addicted mothers
Safe havens for addicted mothers
Safe havens for addicted mothers
Safe havens for addicted mothers
Cutting immunization aid
Death notice for Dr. Carl D. Duerksen [correction],
FPs have vital role in ensuring success of breast cancer screening programs [correction],
Effect of breast self-examination techniques on the risk of death from breast cancer
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Needs-based planning
Is breast self-examination still necessary?
Physician resource planning in an era of uncertainty and change
Physician resource planning
Human rights, ethics and the Krever inquiry
Management of women at increased risk for breast cancer
Report of the Canadian Hypertension Society Consensus Conference
Recognizing and controlling respiratory disease outbreaks in long-term care facilities
Doctors on the 'Net
New York hospitals paid to teach fewer physicians
Krever can name names, Supreme Court rules
Bills for noninsured services remain a wellspring for patients' complaints
Despite some PR fallout, proponents say MD walkouts increase awareness and may improve health care
Self-help medical advice was popular in the 1930s, too
Advanced Paediatric Life Support
Mortally Wounded
Efficiency versus Equality
Books for patients
Health care
Digital cameras and the Internet
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Canada's changing life-expectancy trends