The war amputees of Sierra Leone
Highlights of this issue
Alberta Physician Achievement Review
Drug approval times
Drug approval times
Implementing public-access programs for automated external defibrillation
Implementing public-access programs for automated external defibrillation
How valid are utilization review tools in assessing appropriate use of acute care beds?
Effectiveness of massage therapy for subacute low-back pain: a randomized controlled trial
Bias inherent in retrospective waiting-time studies: experience from a vascular surgery waiting list
Healthy Canadians in 2010?
Utilization review: Can it be improved?
The new alchemy: transmuting information into knowledge in an electronic age
Some light from the heat: implications of rave parties for clinicians
Rheumatology: 5. Diagnosis and management of inflammatory polyarthritis
A matter of perspective
Raves: a review of the culture, the drugs and the prevention of harm
Stuttering: an update for physicians
The doctor and the zebra
Man of the mill
An exchange of gifts
Tuition fees up 27% at U of T
Physicians must close the gap in asthma care
NWT report urges recognition for aboriginal healers
Beware of all types of bat exposure, BC MDs warned
Fourth-year medical student takes Donner Prize
Raving on the Internet
Raves worry Edmonton MDs, police
Where do medicine's job opportunities lie?
Is cloning the fountain of youth?
Death and tax brackets: link between income inequality and mortality holds true in US, but not in Canada
Drowning in Canada
Alberta launches country's first peer-support network for MDs in legal trouble
Cheap prescription drugs creating new brand of US tourist in Canada, Mexico
Classified Advertising