Leadership and fecal coliforms: Walkerton 2000
Leadership et coliformes fécaux : Walkerton 2000
Highlights of this issue
About those waiting lists . . .
About those waiting lists . . .
Competency of adolescents to make informed decisions
β-Blockers as first-line therapy for hypertension
Unintended subcutaneous and intramuscular injection by drug users
An author by any other name
An author by any other name
Secular trends in the body mass index of Canadian children
The economic burden of physical inactivity in Canada
Hematologic dyscrasia associated with ticlopidine therapy: evidence for causality
Preventive health care, 2000 update: prevention of child maltreatment
The spread of the childhood obesity epidemic
Bayesian assessment of adverse drug reactions
Clinical decision rules in the emergency department
Will increasing fiscal resources promote physical fitness?
Views of mental illness in Morocco: Western medicine meets the traditional symbolic
Environment and health: 6. Endocrine disruption and potential human health implications
Program description: a hospitalist-run, medical short-stay unit in a teaching hospital
Bioethics for clinicians: 20. Chinese bioethics
AIDS on the front line
A Good Friday?
The other patients
New food labels to reveal nutritional content
Prairie paramedics test new weapon against MIs
Sheep develops vCJD after receiving blood from another sheep
Malpractice fees double for Ontario's ob/gyns
Saskatoon doctors make a house call to MARS
Alberta child abuse program swamped
Task force recommends screening females for abuse beginning at age 12
Canada's MDs most pessimistic in 5-country survey
Obesity a heavy burden in Nova Scotia
Caution against ozone-depletion complacency
Does religion speed recovery in mental illness?
Rural BC physicians mediate in “poisonous atmosphere”
The medicine–literature connection moves online
Alberta support program for MDs more popular than expected
“Freedom 55” closer to age 65 for physicians
Lower target blood pressure for patients with diabetes mellitus
The challenge posed by leptospirosis
A disarming doctor