Patently necessary: improving global access to essential medicines
Pour un meilleur accès aux médicaments essentiels, partout dans le monde
Highlights of This Issue
Are hot tubs safe for people with treated hypertension?
Effectiveness of artichoke extract in preventing alcohol-induced hangovers: a randomized controlled trial
Words used by children and their primary caregivers for private body parts and functions
The new normal: a SARS diary
My experience with SARS
Effect of colour coordination of attire with poster presentation on poster popularity
A modest proposal to meet our Kyoto commitments: The answer lies within:
Head injuries in nursery rhymes: evidence of a dangerous subtext in children's literature
Understanding the number of copies of ethics applications required by faculties of medicine
Nepal: a lesson from chaos
Experience at the Arctic Bay Nursing Station on the coast of Baffin Island
Pathologists going “live”: lessons from a developing country on giving a human face to pathology
It's tradition
Diary of an ICU slave
Ward teaching (dys)connections
“She left a sizable RRSP”
Eating healthy
How to read clinical journals: XI. Everything you always wanted to know about editorials (but were afraid to ask)
MDs ‘R’ Us: holiday ideas for that special physician:
Days of shame, Montreal, 1934
A life insurance medical, 1848
“That will be $231, please”
Turf war: medical men take on the establishment in Niagara Falls, Ontario
The Last Gasp