Why the pursuit of excellence matters
Protecting patients in ongoing clinical trials
Estimated epidemiologic parameters and morbidity associated with pandemic H1N1 influenza
Serum anion gap, bicarbonate and biomarkers of inflammation in healthy individuals in a national survey
Proliferation of prenatal ultrasonography
Assessment of a national voucher scheme to deliver insecticide-treated mosquito nets to pregnant women
Physicians’ legal duty of care and legal right to refuse to work during a pandemic
Leukemia cutis: an unusual rash in a child
Herniation through the broad ligament
Caring for Canada’s children
Why didn’t it work?
Where are the drugs from?
High cost, dubious benefit
Implement research faster
Prediction versus prognosis
What did the doctor say?
Bridging the gaps
Doing good in small ways
Films for health
Artificial pneumothorax: tapping into a small bit of history
A new national holiday? My vote’s for World Toilet Day
Management of acute asthma in adults in the emergency department: nonventilatory management
Knowledge creation: synthesis, tools and products
The knowledge-to-action cycle: identifying the gaps
Adapting clinical practice guidelines to local context and assessing barriers to their use
Developing and selecting interventions for translating knowledge to action
Selecting educational interventions for knowledge translation
Monitoring use of knowledge and evaluating outcomes
Egg-allergic patients gain greater access to H1N1 vaccine after completion of clinical trial
New United States mammogram guidelines ignite debate
Canadian physicians playing “catch-up” in adopting electronic medical records
WHO reports progress in malaria control
CIDA adopts new food security strategy
Allegations prompt Manitoba pathology probes
Obama taps new allies and tackles age-old divisions in nudging health care reform
In the street
New direction recommended for isotope production
Liberal senators assail consumer safety bill
Two memorable years
New interest in maggot therapy
Medicinal maggots cross border at a crawl
Raise taxes on high-alcohol products, British Columbia urged
Concern raised over control of cost-benefit research in United States
England hikes educational requirements for nurses
Nursing degree “opens doors beyond bags, beds and bedpans”
Tamiflu still prudent for pandemic influenza, PHAC maintains
For the record
Alarm grows over management of antibiotic resistance file
Windows to the mind