Introduction to the Special Issue: Anxiety Disorders in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Lives in Isolation: Stories and Struggles of Low-income African American Women with Panic Disorder
The Assessment of the Phenomenology of Sleep Paralysis: The Unusual Sleep Experiences Questionnaire (USEQ)
Fear of Cultural Extinction and Psychopathology Among Mandaean Refugees: An Exploratory Path Analysis
Gender and Anxiety in Nepal: The Role of Social Support, Stressful Life Events, and Structural Violence
Panic Disorder, Panic Attacks and Panic Attack Symptoms across Race-Ethnic Groups: Results of the Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Studies
Mechanisms of Efficacy of CBT for Cambodian Refugees with PTSD: Improvement in Emotion Regulation and Orthostatic Blood Pressure Response
A Model of the Generation of Ataque de Nervios : The Role of Fear of Negative Affect and Fear of Arousal Symptoms
Symptom Dimensions in Chinese Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Biological Variations in Depression and Anxiety Between East and West
Anxiety Disorder Presentations in Asian Populations: A Review