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Roles of NG2‐glia in ischemic stroke
Roles of autophagy and endoplasmic reticulum stress in intracerebral hemorrhage‐induced secondary brain injury in rats
Pseudoginsenoside‐F11 attenuates cerebral ischemic injury by alleviating autophagic/lysosomal defects
Potentiation of spinal glutamatergic response in the neuron‐glia interactions underlies the intrathecal IL‐1β‐induced thermal hyperalgesia in rats
Effective expression of Drebrin in hippocampus improves cognitive function and alleviates lesions of Alzheimer's disease in APP (swe)/PS1 (ΔE9) mice
Transthyretin stability is critical in assisting beta amyloid clearance– Relevance of transthyretin stabilization in Alzheimer's disease
Pituicytoma—An outlook on possible targeted therapies
Antidepressant‐like effects of tetrahydroxystilbene glucoside in mice : Involvement of BDNF signaling cascade in the hippocampus
Acute quadriplegia following a minimal injury in the posterior pharyngeal wall by a fishbone