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Advances in chronic cerebral circulation insufficiency
Inhibition of transient potential receptor vanilloid type 1 suppresses seizure susceptibility in the genetically epilepsy‐prone rat
Endoplasmic reticulum stress regulates oxygen‐glucose deprivation‐induced parthanatos in human SH‐SY5Y cells via improvement of intracellular ROS
Acupuncture inhibits TXNIP‐associated oxidative stress and inflammation to attenuate cognitive impairment in vascular dementia rats
Aβ exacerbates α‐synuclein‐induced neurotoxicity through impaired insulin signaling in α‐synuclein‐overexpressed human SK‐N‐MC neuronal cells
No effect of transcranial direct current stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex on short‐term memory
Th2 axis‐related cytokines in patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders
Magnesium boosts the memory restorative effect of environmental enrichment in Alzheimer's disease mice