Importance of Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Social Support for Optimal Aging

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The purpose of this article was to provide the clinical nurse specialist (CNS), practicing in settings across the healthcare delivery continuum, with information about physical activity, nutrition, and social support that is essential for optimal aging.


Lifestyle choices older adults make concerning physical activity, diet, and social support greatly impact how well they age, their quality of life, and their well-being.

Description of the Project

This article focuses on 3 key factors essential to successful aging: physical activity, nutrition, and social support. It provides information and assessment and intervention strategy tools that can be used by CNSs to promote optimal aging for older clients.

Implications for Nursing Practice

This article provides the CNS with resources (literature, assessment tools, and tools for intervention strategies) to promote optimal aging and wellness. CNSs can assist their clients in various settings to age more slowly, delay and prevent certain age-related diseases, and promote more healthful, productive longevity by guiding health-promotion and wellness activities for their older clients.

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