Poorly Differentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma with Ectopic Parathormone Production: Visualization of Metastatic Calcification by Bone Scan

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Metastatic soft tissue calcification is known to occur in hypercalcemia and is usually present in the kidneys, stomach and lungs.1-3 This case presents two unusual features: 1) ectopic parathormone production in association with poorly differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma; and 2) uptake of 99 mTc-pyrophosphate in the liver in the absence of demonstrable abnormality at autopsy. The more usual sites of metastatic calcification also showed uptake of the radionuclide. We will discuss metastatic soft tissue calcification, ectopic parathyroid hormone production, hypercalcemia in malignancy and bone scan agent localization in soft tissues.

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