Degloving of the Renal Capsule During Live Donor Nephrectomy Leading to Post-transplant Urine Leak in Recipient: Findings on Post-transplant Renal Scintigraphy

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Living donor renal transplantation surgery can be associated with a number of well-known potential complications associated with the implantation of the allograft, including infection, rejection, hemorrhage, thrombosis, obstruction, and urine leak. The donor nephrectomy procedure itself can result in trauma to the kidney, which may manifest as a postoperative complication. One such rare complication is stripping of the renal capsule from the donor kidney during nephrectomy, known as degloving injury. We present the Tc-99m MAG-3 renal scintigraphy findings in a case of intraoperatively confirmed renal transplant urine leak in the recipient caused by degloving of the donor kidney capsule during laparoscopic donor nephrectomy.

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