170Tm-EDTMP: A Prospective Alternative of 89SrCl2 for Theranostic Treatment of Metastatic Bone Pain

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We have earlier reported the potential of 170Tm-EDTMP as an alternative cost-effective radiopharmaceutical of 89SrCl2 for bone pain palliation application. Encouraging results obtained in the radiochemical studies and biological evaluations in animal model have prompted us to initiate the clinical study to evaluate the potential of 170Tm-EDTMP in human cancer patients. The serial scintigraphic images represent the whole-body scans of a patient (68 years old woman) with skeletal metastases of carcinoma of the breast origin recorded after administering 370 MBq (10 mCi) of 170Tm-EDTMP at different post-administration time points along with the pre-therapy images recorded with 99mTc-MDP in the same patient.

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