Developmental Venous Anomalies Mimicking Neoplasm on 11C-Methionine PET and DSC Perfusion MRI

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Elevated relative cerebral blood volume on perfusion MRI and increased uptake on 11C-methionine PET can be used to diagnose and guide biopsy of brain tumors but are not specific. We report increased uptake on 11C-methionine PET associated with 4 developmental venous anomalies (DVAs) in 3 children with brain tumors, which could potentially mimic tumor and misdirect biopsy. Because DVAs are not readily visible on CT, prevention of misdirected biopsy in patients with focally elevated 11C-methionine uptake and relative cerebral blood volume relies on close correlation with contrast-enhanced anatomic MRI to exclude DVA or other nonneoplastic etiology.

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