An Alternate, Egg-Free Radiolabeled Meal Formulation for Gastric-Emptying Scintigraphy

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99mTc-radiolabeled scrambled eggs (SEs) are most often used as the ingested solid phase for gastric-emptying scintigraphy, leading egg-reluctant patients to avoid the examination. We formulated and validated 2 egg-free alternate meals, in the absence of any commercialized formulation: chocolate mug cake (MC) and scrambled tofu (ST). Six healthy volunteers underwent gastric-emptying scintigraphy after ingesting 99mTc-radiolabeled MC, ST, or SE. Gastric retention indexes did not change significantly between formulations (% of overtime variation to SE: MC 7.75% ± 7.1%, ST 7.17% ± 5.8%; P = 0.6618, not statistically significant), suggesting MC and ST as interesting egg-free alternatives.

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