High-Energy Collimator Is Preferable to Medium-Energy Collimator for Evaluating 223Ra Uptake in Bone Metastasis at 2 Weeks Postinjection

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An 80-year-old man with castration-resistant prostate cancer received 223Ra injection to treat bone metastases. Two weeks after the injection, the patient underwent static 223Ra scan of the chest with medium-energy and high-energy collimators for 30 minutes each. Images obtained with the 2 collimators showed that uptake in metastatic lesions was visually clearer and semiquantitatively higher with the high-energy collimator. The use of HE collimator for 223Ra imaging in the early phase has been reported, and the present case suggests that in the late phase HE collimator would also be preferable to medium-energy collimator in terms of lesion-based evaluation.

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