Focal 18F-DOPA Uptake in Brain Parenchyma Surrounding Developmental Venous Anomalies

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We report the finding of increased 18F-DOPA uptake within parenchyma surrounding a developmental venous anomaly, found incidentally in a 64-year-old woman undergoing PET scan to assess for Parkinson’s disease. Not identified on previous T1/T2 MRI, susceptibility-weighted imaging MRI performed post–PET scan demonstrated the presence of developmental venous anomaly within the left cerebellar hemisphere. Focal uptake of 18F-DOPA may suggest the presence of a brain tumor and prompt invasive diagnostic investigations. Nuclear medicine physicians should be aware of this finding when interpreting 18F-DOPA PET and consider appropriate imaging to identify venous anomalies prior to more invasive investigations for possible brain tumors.

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