The Coexistence of a Horseshoe Kidney and Meckel Diverticulum With Dramatic Mobility Revealed Through 99mTc Pertechnetate Imaging

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A previously healthy 11-year-old boy with intermittent abdominal pain and bloody stool underwent Meckel scintigraphy. On the initial images, there was a faint U-shaped activity in the mid-abdominal region, which gradually faded and evolved into distinct foci of radiotracer accumulation in the later images. One of the foci changed its location during the study, suspected as moving Meckel diverticulum. A horseshoe kidney was noted by subsequent CT images, which corresponded to nonmoving foci. A Meckel diverticulum was confirmed after exploratory laparotomy, accounted for moving focus on Merkel scintigraphy.

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