The Brompton Cocktail

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The article draws on the author's personal experience with patients in chronic pain from a malignant disease. It explains the effectiveness of the Brompton Cocktail as a modality of treatment for this type of pain.

In the beginning of the article, the author explores the concept of chronic pain. She tries to provide the reader with some idea of the type of pain experience with which the patient lives.

A discussion of the Brompton Cocktail follows. The author gives the historical development of the solution, and, citing patient case presentations she shows how it is being used today.

The article includes five principles of pain control that must be followed in order for the medication to be effective.

The paper concludes with implications for nursing when a patient is receiving the Brompton Cocktail. These include patient and family education; assessment and treatment of such problems as constipation and nausea and vomiting; and some consideration of the question of tolerance-dependence problems.

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