The Latin American Center for Pediatric Oncology Nursing Education: Development, Implementation, and Accomplishments

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Pediatric oncology nurses in low- and middle-income countries have limited access to specialized education and clinical training. This is a major impediment for treating children with cancer and contributes to the disparity in survival rates between high- and low-income countries. The International Outreach Nursing Program at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital established full-time nurse educator positions at partner sites throughout Latin America. Experienced nurses were hired as educators; however, they had no formal pediatric oncology education, limited teaching experience, and no mentors as this was a new nursing role in low- and middle-income countries.


Our objective was to create a regional education center to prepare nurse educators to succeed in this pioneering role.


The Latin American Center for Pediatric Oncology Nursing Education was created at Calvo Mackenna Hospital in Santiago, Chile, to provide education, resources, and support to educators. Education resources, including a comprehensive orientation program and courses in chemotherapy and central venous line care, were developed. A 4-week on-site comprehensive educator course and an organized support system were implemented.


Education, resources, and support have been provided to 13 nurse educators representing 7 Latin American countries. The educators have provided pediatric oncology education to more than 1000 nurses.


The center promotes excellence in pediatric oncology nursing by preparing and supporting educators, who in turn educate the entire nursing staff at partner sites.

Implications for Practice:

Nurse educators equipped with knowledge and skills can improve the quality of care and ultimately survival of patients throughout Latin America.

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