Self-regulation and women with asthma

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Purpose of review

Recent research related to sex and gender role influences on asthma in women is summarized. Implications for enhancing women's self-regulation and ability to manage asthma effectively are discussed.

Recent findings

Studies in the past year have indicated that asthma is a significant burden on women and emphasized the importance of control, especially during pregnancy. The significance of hormonal variation in symptoms and severity has been noted. An association between weight and asthma has been observed. Evidence suggests that hormonal changes contribute to the asthma prevalence shift from men to women in adolescence. One study showed positive results of focusing on sex-related and gender-related factors in self-regulation education for women. Recent findings imply that enhancing self-regulation and effective management of asthma in women requires attention to sex and gender role influences in clinical counseling and intervention research.


Clinicians may help female patients with asthma by incorporating sex and gender role related considerations into their clinical consultations. Evidence-based asthma education interventions to assist women with their particular asthma management challenges are needed.

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