Quality of life of children with atopic dermatitis and their families

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Purpose of the reviewOver the last few years major advances have been made in the conceptualization of quality of life and new instruments have been developed for assessing the construct in paediatric atopic dermatitis. This review looks at these developments and reports on recently published articles on the impact of the condition on affected children and other members of their family.Recent findingsDuring the period of the review only one article addressing the impact of treatment for paediatric atopic dermatitis on quality of life could be found. This showed the benefits to the quality of life of parents of treating their children with pimecrolimus cream.SummaryGiven the prevalence of paediatric atopic dermatitis and its impact on affected children and their families it is surprising that so little attention has been devoted to the impact of treatment on quality of life. Where standardized measures are included in studies they generally assess outcomes that are of interest to physicians rather than to patients and their carers.

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