Are we fully utilizing the functionalities of modern operating room ventilators?

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Purpose of reviewThe modern operating room ventilators have become very sophisticated and many of their features are comparable with those of an ICU ventilator. To fully utilize the functionality of modern operating room ventilators, it is important for clinicians to understand in depth the working principle of these ventilators and their functionalities.Recent findingsPiston ventilators have the advantages of delivering accurate tidal volume and certain flow compensation functions. Turbine ventilators have great ability of flow compensation. Ventilation modes are mainly volume-based or pressure-based. Pressure-based ventilation modes provide better leak compensation than volume-based. The integration of advanced flow generation systems and ventilation modes of the modern operating room ventilators enables clinicians to provide both invasive and noninvasive ventilation in perioperative settings. Ventilator waveforms can be used for intraoperative neuromonitoring during cervical spine surgery.SummaryThe increase in number of new features of modern operating room ventilators clearly creates the opportunity for clinicians to optimize ventilatory care. However, improving the quality of ventilator care relies on a complete understanding and correct use of these new features.Video abstract

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