Recent advances in perioperative glucose monitoring

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Purpose of reviewThere is ongoing controversy surrounding the use of glucose monitoring in the perioperative setting. It is an important aspect of patient care, but the best way to go about monitoring this parameter is still up for debate. This article will review previously established data and new developments in this field.Recent findingsSeveral different methods exist to measure blood glucose levels in the perioperative setting, including central laboratory devices, blood gas analyzers, and point-of-care devices. However, it has been recommended that point-of-care devices not be used on ‘critically ill’ patients, which throws into question the common use of these devices perioperatively. Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid placed a moratorium on this recommendation, and these devices continue to be a staple in the perioperative setting, but there are other methods of glucose monitoring that can be employed.SummaryThe monitoring of blood glucose levels in the perioperative patient remains an important part of patient care; however, debate still exist on how best to reliably measure blood glucose levels in the most effective manner.

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