Remote Sensing of Coastal Plumes and Ocean Fronts: Overview and Case Study
Impacts of Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise: A Preliminary Case Study of Mombasa, Kenya
Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Assessment of Sensitive Historical Sites on Rainsford Island, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
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Spatial and Temporal Variations in Grain Size of Surface Sediments in the Littoral Area of Yellow River Delta
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Semianalytical One-Dimensional Solution for Linear Wave Reflection over Varying Topography
Short-Term Variability of Nutrients and Fecal Indicator Bacteria within the Gold Coast Seaway, Southern Moreton Bay (Australia)
Application of Statistical Analysis for the Hydrogeochemistry of Saline Groundwater in Kodiakarai, Tamilnadu, India
Restoration of Seagrass Habitat in New Jersey, United States
Remotely Sensed Chlorophyll: A Putative Trophic Link for Explaining Variability in Indian Oil Sardine Stocks
Measurement of Infragravity Edge Waves on the East Coast of Taiwan Using a Single Instrument
Role of Vegetation on Beach Run-up due to Regular and Cnoidal Waves
Functional and Environmental Design of Detached, Low Crest Level Breakwaters
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Morphological Impact of the Construction of an Offshore Yangshan Deepwater Harbor in the Port of Shanghai, China
Historical and Future Coastal Changes in Northwest Alaska
Interspecific Variations in Population Structure of Penaeids from an Artisanal Shrimp Fishery in a Hypersaline Coastal Lagoon of Mexico
Variability at Local Scales and between Habitats in Population Structure and Reproductive Traits of the Mediterranean Plant Centaurea horrida: Implications for Management
The Costs of Beach Replenishment along the U.S. Atlantic Coast
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