Direct medical costs associated with different lines of therapy for colorectal cancer patients

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To evaluate the disease-specific expenditures incurred by colorectal cancer (CRC) patients with one, two, and three or more lines of therapy.


The Truven Health MarketScan® Research Databases were used to identify adults with incident CRC from 2005 to 2009. Healthcare expenditures were measured from initiation through to follow-up and individual therapy line.


Among 13,670 CRC patients, 67.5% had one line of therapy, 20.7% had two and 11.8% had three or more. Monthly expenditures averaged US$12,523. Monthly first-line therapy costs averaged US$12,067, increasing to US$13,315 during second-line therapy and to US$14,648 during third-line therapy. Patient out-of-pocket expenses were a small (1.9%) contributor to total costs.


CRC presents a significant economic burden to payers with important cost differences according to how patients are treated.

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