Prevention of nickel-induced allergic contact reactions with pentoxifylline

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In this study, we investigated the effect of pentoxifylline, an inhibitor of TNF-α, on the contact sensitivity response induced by nickel. For induction, open epicutaneous sensitization by NiSO4. 6 H2O (25% aq.) solution was applied on the backs of 38 albino guinea pigs 5 days a week for 4 weeks. NaCl (0.9%) solution was applied epicutaneously to 10 albino guinea pigs as a control group. 19 were sensitized by nickel and developed positive patch test reactions. Patch tests were repeated after 10 of the sensitized pigs were given pentoxifylline 20 mg/kg/day orally. At the end of this study, only 2 positive patch test reactions were observed in the pentoxifylline-treated group, while 7/9 of the untreated guinea pigs developed positive reactions. These results suggest that pentoxifylline inhibits the contact sensitivity response induced by nickel only during drug administration.

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