Isolation and characterisation of microsatellite loci in the papillose woolly bat, : Vespertilionidae)Kerivoula papillosa: Vespertilionidae) (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)

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The papillose woolly bat (Kerivoula papillosa) is one of the most well known species of an understudied bat genus that may be particularly vulnerable to disturbance and fragmentation events. We describe 22 novel microsatellite loci, 17 of which are polymorphic in K. papillosa, and one of which is polymorphic in a related species K. pellucida. When tested in a single population, none of the markers significantly deviated from Hardy-Weinberg expectations, showed the presence of null alleles or exhibited linkage disequilibrium. These markers will be useful in determining impacts of forest fragmentation on this species.

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