Commissioning and delivering culturally diverse child and adolescent mental health services

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Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to consider the recent literature with respect to the provision of child mental health services to culturally diverse populations.

Recent findings

Much of the research has focused on disparities in health-care delivery in relation to race or ethnicity and has reinforced the notion that such disparities do exist. There is little to explain why this continues to be the case. There has also been some work on diversity of settings for service provision, with school-based services being presented as a viable alternative. The research has not yet focused on the ways in which health-care professionals deliver services to culturally diverse populations.


It may be necessary to review how policy is translated into practice. Those involved in health-care planning may need to consider a much more individual approach than previously, to ensure that culturally appropriate care is provided to all users. Providers may need to consider how staff in their services are trained to meet this aim.

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