Mental health promotion: a narrative review of emerging trends

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Purpose of reviewThe current review aims to provide an update on the recent work in mental health promotion with a special emphasis on emerging evidence and innovations in the field.Recent findingsStudies reviewed across settings like the home, school, workplace, communities, and internet-based platforms, have indicated a growing evidence base for effective mental health promotion strategies that are holistic, multicomponent, and targeted at both, specific vulnerable groups and whole populations. Innovative approaches involving online delivery platforms, sports and exercise, positive psychology and lifestyle interventions, mobilizing community networks, and mental health first aid, are some exciting and upcoming areas for future research.SummaryMental health promotion interventions are applicable to individuals, groups, and whole populations and can be delivered in many ways, including media and communication technology. They can be applied in low-resource settings by mobilizing existing community resources like opinion leaders, health workers, and peer educators, thereby increasing cost-efficiency, cultural acceptability, and local capacity. There needs to be a greater focus on study designs and variable measures that examine process-factors affecting well being outcomes. Early interventions through intersectorial collaborations may result in improved long-term positive mental health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

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