Mean Force Potential between H: 2. Stratospheric Conditions3: 2. Stratospheric ConditionsO: 2. Stratospheric Conditions+: 2. Stratospheric Conditions and Cl: 2. Stratospheric Conditions−: 2. Stratospheric Conditions Ions in Molecular Water Clusters: 2. Stratospheric Conditions

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The behavior of the free energy of the system was analyzed. The assumption of HCl ionization in water clusters as the most probable mechanism ensuring the observed high adsorbability of ice surface relative to HCl was confirmed. It was shown that the formation of clusters containing H3O+, Cl− ion pairs is an essentially kinetic process with the participation of natural ionization sources. The characteristic time of accumulation of ionized NCl was close (by an order of magnitude) to the seasonal changes of thermodynamic conditions in the stratosphere. A kinetic theory of this phenomenon was constructed, and estimates of the content of ionized component were made. Numerical values of the parameters of kinetic equations were calculated by the Monte Carlo method.

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