Study of Dielectric Media with Relatively High Permittivity
Structural Rearrangement in the Symmetric Interlayers of a Nematic—4-Pentyl-4-Cyanobiphenyl—in the Field of Surface Forces
Kinetics of Reversible Gravitational Coagulation in a Spatially Uniform Disperse System
Sol of Hydrated ZrO2–TiO2System
The Structure and Some Properties of Gel-Like Yttrium and Gadolinium Hydrated Oxides
Adsorption of Cationic Surfactants on Highly Dispersed Silica
Material Balance Study of Adsorption of Organic Compounds
Silsesquioxane Films on Water Surface
Electrokinetic and Transmembrane Potentials as Factors of Cell Adaptation to Cyanide Compounds
The Role of Iron–Carbon Galvanic Contact in the Formation of Dispersed Iron Hydr(oxides) in Water and Electrolyte Solutions
Electrokinetic Properties of the Methylated Surface of Quartz Capillaries
Optimization of the Aerosol Filter Parameters
“Cooperative” Effects in the Destruction of Foam Column. Comparison of the Behavior of Polyhedral Two- and Three-Dimensional Foams
Structural Anisotropy of Fractal Aggregates and Its Exhibition in Electrooptical Effects
Spectroturbidimetry of Liposome Suspensions
The Viscous Drag of a Rough Cylinder in a Liquid Flow in a Porous Medium
The Effect of Long-Range Fiber Space and Orientation Correlations on the Hydrodynamic Resistance and Diffusion Deposition in Fibrous Filters
Melting of Water Molecule Clusters in a Strong Electric Field under the Conditions Modeling Arctic Stratosphere
A Study of the Linear Tension Effect on the Polystyrene Microsphere Wettability with Water
In Memory of Grigorii Isaakovich Fuks (1911–1983)