Local staging of rectal cancer and planning management
Detection of lymph node metastases in colorectal carcinoma
Evaluation of the role of pre-operative magnetic resonance imaging in the management of rectal cancer
Rectal excision with coloanal anastomosis for superficial distal third rectal cancer
Screening of patients at high risk of colorectal cancer
Curative resection for rectal carcinoma
Effect of age on the functional outcome of total abdominal colectomy for colonic inertia
Anal plug for faecal incontinence
A simplified defaecographic procedure for the assessment of faecal incontinence or obstructed defaecation
Life table analysis of hernia following end colostomy construction
Bacterial translocation in a non-lethal rat model of peritonitis
In vitro and preclinical studies of targeted alpha therapy (TAT) for colorectal cancer
Diary of meetings