Anal fistulotomy between Skylla and Charybdis

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ObjectiveThis study was undertaken to assess the results of anal fistulotomy on faecal continence, recurrence and satisfaction.MethodsWe reviewed the records of 60 patients who underwent anal fistulotomy between 1997 and 2000. Follow-up was by a questionnaire with 46 (77%) patients responding. Mean follow-up was 1–4 years. Fistulas were intersphincteric in 12 patients and transsphincteric in 34 patients. Operative procedure consisted of fistulotomy.ResultsOf 11 patients with high fistula, 9 (82%) had impaired continence; Of 17 patients with midanal fistula, 4 (24%) suffered impaired continence. Eighteen patients had a low fistula and 8 (44%) developed impaired continence. In the whole group 50% had suffered faecal incontinence. There were no recurrences and there was satisfaction with the situation in 87% of patients.ConclusionsFistulotomy for primary fistula in ano in this retrospective study with a follow-up up to 4 years was associated with no recurrences. Eighty-two percent of patients with a high anal opening have impaired faecal continence, nevertheless patients' satisfaction is high.

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