Single incision laparoscopic left colectomy for carcinoma of distal transverse colon

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ObjectiveWe report a single-incision laparoscopic left colectomy for a patient with a distal transverse colon cancer.MethodA 78-year-old man with carcinoma of the transverse colon close to the splenic flexure underwent a single-incision laparoscopic left colectomy with full mobilization of splenic flexure using the TriPort™ Access System and ordinary laparoscopic instruments.ResultsThe operation was successfully performed. The patient recovered uneventfully and was discharged after 3 days. Histopathological examination showed a T3N1 tumour with clear resection margins.ConclusionThis case demonstrates that single-incision laparoscopic colectomy can be applied safely to large bowel cancer close to the splenic flexure. The technique warrants further investigation.

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